Stellarium 0.21

Transforms your PC into a fully featured planetarium

Navigate through stars and obtain information about everything that has been mapped until now. Sync the time with PC to observe the movement of the stars and planets in real time.

Stellarium 0.9.1is a free program that puts a 3D planetarium on your computer screen.
It lets you choose your viewing point coordinates, so you can watch the sky on the screen as if you were using a telescope in real life.

You can make the illusion more realistic adding atmosphere effects and views including the ground.

You can point to a star using your mouse, and the program will show you the information about that star, like Name, Distance, Magnitude and Position in the sky.

Using the mouse wheel you can zoom in and watch the stars closer. As you move, you will note that the stars are moving. Yes, they are, since the program simulates its movement in real time.

Stellarium lets you show or hide the constellations, its names and art, add or substract atmosphere, trace the Azimuthal and Ecuatorial Grid, add or substract the view of the ground and cardinal points, view or hide Nebulas, search and go to a selected object, go to red mode (night). You can even move freely around the entire sky using your mouse, and then pick a star that interest you to find out more information about it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s not only multilingual, but multicultural, you can see the sky with the names that different cultures give to the stars. Highly educational


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